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A little about me

I am thinking that a blog is a place where I can not only share the things I love but also share a bit about myself. As a Veteran and a military wife for over 30 years I consider myself a gypsy. We have had to move several times living all over the Country and out of the Country. It was hard work and I made several friends along the way but it always had a downside because making lasting friendships was difficult. This also made it difficult for our kids growing up. But the end result is we are an extremely close knit family.

I have always been creative my entire life. Whether it was making my own Barbie or doll clothes or decorating my childhood bedroom from Garage sale finds. I grew up in Venice Beach California and it was a great place to be a kid. Going to the beach and then driving up to Big Bear and skiing. When I was in the military I met my husband and it was like meeting my other half. Because we were so young when we married and had our three kids I learned early on to make what I couldn't afford. I made curtains, I sewed lace on hand towels, made quilts and throw pillows anything to make where we were living a homey place.

Now in my retirement I have the joy of being able to take the time and do the things I never had time for. I enjoy books, my dogs and most of all my art studio. I dream of painting and colors. My work is an extension of my emotions or feelings. I rarely start out with a plan I just go with it intuitively until it becomes. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. I have painted over several hours of work with Gesso a few times. But I would like to think that my end product really has a vibe that is uniquely me.

Okay so I hope this isn't too choppy its kind of awkward writing about yourself and blogging per say but I really want to make this work and I hope I can keep you inspired to try painting or mixed media whatever you want to find that serenity that only comes from being creative.