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Magical Texture

Because I enjoyed the new book by Rebekah Meier, Paper Art Collage I decided to make this gorgeous piece of layered texture.  This is just a bonus project for the Paper Art Collage Blog Hop.  So at the end of the post I will once again provide you with the links for the other talented artists.

 First, I had to share with you the products I started with.  I received a package from Rebekah with her Thermoweb and Impression Obsession Stamp Collection..... WOW... absolutely gorgeous!!!

 I took a scrap piece of cardboard.  This piece was off the back of a pad of watercolor paper.  I primed the entire piece with 2 coats of TCW Gesso.  

Then I used the brown packing paper from some shipping boxes and stamped them with Archival Ink using the gorgeous IO stamps designed by Rebekah Meier.

Once you are happy with your stamped brown paper tear it up into some random sized pieces and apply it to the cardboard canvas with TCW Matte Gel Medium  

 Make sure you get good coverage with the TCW Matte Gel Medium because this is cardboard and it can get soggy real easy.

Next I took some acrylic inks in my favorite neon colors plus white and using the dropper I added random blobs of color all over the top of the canvas.  I then sprayed them with water while tilting my canvas creating lots of drippy goodness  Don't be afraid to move the canvas in all directions so you will get a good melding of the colors.  

Make sure to let your drips dry completely before the next step.

You next take some of the brand new TCW Tacky When Dry Gel Medium and your favorite stencils.  I used TCW768 Journal Musings by Rebekah

and TCW767 Floral Radar 

Look at that yummy paste.... you must at this point wait for it to dry.  I prefer not heat drying this paste because it can actually melt it.

Next using the Thermoweb Mixed Media Transfer Foil in Patina by Rebekah Meier Designs I began rubbing.  Now again be carful to check and make sure the transfer is complete.  Don't be afraid to add another sheet and rub some more to get full coverage.  

Next I took some Teal Acrylic Paint and TCW775 Scalloped Mandala to get some contrast in the background.  I also used the same stencil with the TCW White Modeling Paste for even more texture.  

Look at all that goodness...

I really thought that I was finished at that point.  But it just seemed like it was missing something.  So using some Teal Green Archival Ink I rubbed along the edges of the canvas being sure to pull some ink into the corners.  Then using IO Stamp L22013 by Rebekah Meier I added some lines of the words from the stamp making sure to leave some areas blank or faded. 

I also used a Violet Oil Pastel crayon to bring out some purple hues in the background and into some of the foil transfer.

Here is my finished piece again inspired by Rebekah Meiers new e-book Paper Art Collage the Creating a Collage Visual Journal Page Chapter.  

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